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Video: Should Pacers’ Tyler Hansbrough be Suspended for this Foul on Heat’s Dwyane Wade?

That chippiness we saw throughout the first four games of the Heat-Pacers second round series officially reached its apex in Game 5. With everything basically on the line, both squads came out looking to prove their toughness and unflappability on Tuesday night. That, in turn, ultimately resulted in the outing devolving into a 5-on-5 pro wrestling match.

Case in point: with the Pacers down by four in the second quarter, Tyler Hansbrough delivered this “playoff foul” to Dwyane Wade:

Hansbrough ultimately got a flagrant one for his troubles, but many are now wondering if that’s enough. Given all the egregious stuff that happened on Tuesday night, the Pacers may benefit from the fact that, by comparison, Hansbrough’s move wasn’t as bad as some of the cheap shots that Miami guys threw. But if you take those punk moves out of the equation for a second and just look at this foul from a standalone perspective: should Hansbrough be suspended?

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