Video: Should Heat’s LeBron James Have Been Called for this Foul on Thunder’s Kevin Durant?


With his Miami Heat up 98-96, slightly more than 10 seconds left in the game and the other team having possession, LeBron James knew that he had to stop Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant from scoring.

James, after all, is quite clearly the Heat’s best defender, and if anyone can take on the herculean task of putting the clamps on Durant, it’s him.

Or so we thought.

Even though he knew that everything was on the line, somehow, James fell asleep on the play. He let Durant get by him and, mid-recovery, fouled him.

Except, the refs didn't call it.

Check it out:

The Heat ultimately wound up winning the game.

Today, understandably, Thunder fans are outraged that Durant got robbed of an obvious foul. Boo hoo. A few moments before that no-call, Durant -- who had been playing with five fouls -- quite clearly charged into Miami roleplayer, Shane Battier. Instead of kicking Durant out of the game as they should have, the officials whistled Battier for the foul. They didn’t no-call it. They actually gave Durant foul shots for a blatant, obvious charge.

Bad calls happen. If you don’t want your games decided by a no-call, don’t fall down by double-digits (at home, no less) as OKC has for two consecutive games now.

What do you think: should the refs have called that foul on LeBron?

(Kudos USA Today)

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