Video: Should Andre Iguodala’s Potential Game-Winner from Nuggets vs. Warriors Have Counted?


After a lot of controversy and more reviews than anyone could keep track of, the Golden State Warriors ultimately beat the Denver Nuggets 106-105 on Thursday night.

Should they have, though?

Let’s put aside all of the questionable calls that were made prior to the final play and just focus on Andre Iguodala’s potential game-winner. With his team down by one and .5 remaining on the clock, Iguodala caught the ball on the left side and quickly launched up a three.  

It went in.

Game over. Denver wins. Right? Right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, before the celebration and could commence and every basketball fan in Denver could begin a “Ball Don’t Lie” chant, the officials ruled that Iguodala released the rock after time expired.

Were they right? Decide for yourselves.

What do you think: should it have counted?

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