Video: Sharks, Blues Celebrate Game 2 of Playoffs Ending with Massive Brawl

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The St. Louis Blues beat the San Jose Sharks 3-0 on Saturday. With the victory, St. Louis knotted the first round playoff series at 1-1 and is now in relatively solid position to win it if all goes according to plan the rest of the way. Of course, nobody was actually talking about that on Sunday morning. No, the main storyline coming into Sunday morning was the massive, ridiculous brawl that ensued as the final seconds ticked off the game clock.

Check it out:

The reason some (read: we) get annoyed with these sort of fights is because they detract from the overall product. Hockey is far more fantastic than mainstream sports fans give it credit for. Playoff hockey is ten times better. When all SportsCenter viewers see from the NHL is this sort of nonsense, they chalk up hockey to being nothing more than boxing on ice, with sticks mixed in for flavor.

Once upon a time it seemed like the powers that be understood that and were attempting to change it. Apparently not, though.

Shocking that the NHL’s hardcore $2,500 penalties don’t evoke more fear of discipline from the players.

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