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Video: Shaquille O’Neal Bashes Dwight Howard in Some Weird Rap Comedy Thing

Shaquille O’Neal’s unhealthy obsession with Dwight Howard has officially reached a new low.

You will recall, Shaq and Dwight have been beefing ever since the latter became the best center in the NBA, and the former realized that he was washed up. Ever since then, despite Dwight’s best efforts at a peaceful resolution, Shaq has been mercilessly and pointlessly lobbing shots at a kid that grew up idolizing him.

Today, a video surfaced that shows Shaq bashing Dwight in some weird comedy rap video thing that, without a doubt, will be the corniest thing you see/hear this week.

Check it out:

The best response to this came in With Leather’s comments section where someone going by the handle “Alcoholics Gratuitous” dropped this gem:

I thought all of Shaq’s music was rap/comedy?


(Kudos The Big Lead, With Leather)

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