Video: Scottsdale vs. Yavapai College Baseball Fight Produces Worst Cheap Shot Ever


The whole concept of baseball fights isn’t particularly alluring.

Once you get past the age of 10, seeing grown folks (be it adults or college-aged almost adults) squaring off for some ridiculous reason isn’t something that will get you giddy. In fact, almost as soon as someone utters the phrase "baseball fight," the bar is immediately placed pretty close to the ground.

That being said, during a recent fight between Scottsdale Community College and Yavapai Community College, we saw things get taken to a whole new low. Bottom of the Pacific Ocean low.

In the middle of what seemed to be a fairly standard, run-of-the-mill baseball brawl, instead of fighting mano-a-mano, Yavapai’s left fielder completely -- and sort of randomly -- blindsided a guy from the opposing team. Literally, while the guy wasn't looking, the left fielder lowered his shoulder and gave him a total Warren Sapp-style hit.

It was legitimately the worst, most blatant cheap shot we’ve seen in recent memory.

Check it out:

Fighting on the diamond takes away from what the game is all about, so as soon as you cross that line you’re automatically in a bad place. However, there are varying degrees of bad, and the linebacker in the video above made an already bad situation about ten times worse with his actions.


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