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Video: Scott Brown is Better than Elizabeth Warren Because He Can Make Half-Court Shots

Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren and Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown are not interesting people. I’m sorry. I realize the media keeps trying to hype this battle up as the war that will decide the fate of humanity. I understand that Republicans are pouring all sorts of dough into securing the seat and that Democrats believe Warren is some sort of liberal hero who will guide them to the promise land if she wins. But really, they’re still both painfully uninteresting people.

Thankfully, Sen. Brown realizes how dull he is. And that’s probably why he recently found himself at a local school putting up this tremendously impressive, underhand half-court shot (via The Big Lead):

Mind. Blown.

Sen. Brown did two things there. One, he tapped into the coveted people-who-can’t-vote demographic and clearly impressed them with his skills. Two, he showed all the folks who thought he was the most boring man on the face of the planet that, at the very least, he’s a little bit of a baller.

Well done, sir. You have my vote.

(Not really.)

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