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Video: San Francisco Giants Beat Detroit Tigers, Win 2012 World Series

The Detroit Tigers were supposed to win this series in five or six games. Between the ease with which they dispatched the New York Yankees and the fact that the San Francisco Giants needed massive comebacks in every single series that they played, on paper, it seemed like the AL was destined to prevail on this go-round.

Unfortunately for Detroit, the World Series isn’t won on paper.

A lot of factors played into the way San Francisco dominated this series, but the three biggest ones were: 1.) Pablo Sandoval setting the tone early, 2.) fantastic pitching and 3.) great managing. The first two will likely get a lot of attention over the next couple of days; the last one will go unnoticed.

The big question now: what happens to Jim Leyland? Getting to the World Series has to keep your job safe, right? But man, the way he got outmaneuvered in this round must be troubling for Tigers brass. His mismanagement of Game 2, in particular, was painful to watch.

Keep an eye on what happens with Leyland – it could prove to be one of more interesting storylines of the next few months.  


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