Video: San Antonio Rampage Break Record for Most Dogs Attending a Sporting Event

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The San Antonio Rampage looked around and noticed that there were way too many meaningless sports records being broken these days. That everyone seemed to want the fame and recognition that comes with shattering an old mark, but that nobody was willing to put in the hard work and effort necessary to earn a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

So what did the powers that be behind the Rampage do? They decided to break a record of substance during their game versus the Peoria Rivermen on Saturday night.

As per the team’s official site:

A total of 842 dogs came to see the San Antonio triumph. Rampage officials will submit paperwork to the Guinness Book of World Records to see if the mark will stand as the most dogs at a sporting event. In addition, 25 canines were adopted on-site at the AT&T Center during the course of the night.

Yup, 842 dogs came to watch Saturday’s AHL showdown. On a completely unrelated note – no 842 humans have ever agreed to watch an AHL game.

Eat your heart out Wilt Chamberlain (also, rest in peace), America finally has a feat we can truly be proud of.

Check out history in the making in the video below.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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