Sad Suns Fan Girl Gets a Sorry-I-Ditched-You-for-the-Lakers Gift from Steve Nash (Video)


A week ago, when news of Steve Nash more or less orchestrating the deal that sent him from Phoenix to Los Angeles hit the news, a lot of his old fans took it hard. It was perfectly understandable given all that he meant to his city and the Suns franchise, and nobody really faulted folks for how they reacted.

All things considered, Suns fans actually handled Nash’s departure far better than many other fan groups would have.

When it was all said and done, though, he did end up having one very vocal critic. You’ll all probably remember this young lady:

Well, good news – she’s no longer mad at L.A.’s newest star. As first reported by the good folks at Yahoo! Sports, check out the treat she got in the mail a couple of days back:

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As Nash announced on his personal Twitter feed on July 14, Nash sent the preschooler who he identified as "Aurora" a pair of his autographed shoes … in Suns purple and orange, of course.

"Glad to turn that frown upside down Aurora …" Nash Tweeted on the social media site on Saturday.

And just like that, Nash probably converted Aurora into a Lakers fan.

Of course, that’s just a theory. We can’t be certain until the first time she attends a game and spends most of it on her iPhone.

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(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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