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Video: Russell Westbrook’s Bizarre Half Layup from Thunder vs. Bobcats

The Oklahoma City Thunder absolutely destroyed the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday night. It was never close. It got the point where even Oklahoma City’s players were visibly uncomfortable with how the outing was going. When you’re up by 30+ from the very beginning of an outing, is it still okay to dunk? Should you build your lead or take your foot off the gas? You could literally see Thunder players struggling with those questions for large portions of the game.

Case in point: one particular sequence late in the second quarter featuring Russell Westbrook on a breakaway. Essentially, Westbrook -- one of the best dunkers in the NBA -- clearly wanted to jam home after a key defensive stop – but for some reason (being up 56-24 with two minutes remaining in the half, maybe?) he hesitated.

That, in turn, produced this:

OKC ultimately won this one 114-69.

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