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Video: Robert Woods Takes Brutal Hit During USC-Utah, Allowed to Return After 1 Play

USC wide receiver Robert Woods took a hard hit from a Utah defender on Thursday night. The hit he took was so brutal, in fact, that he couldn’t even maintain his balance afterward. He looked dazed, confused and ultimately had to be examined by USC's medical staff on the sidelines.

How long did they examine him for? One play.

He was back in the game one play later.

According to ESPN, USC’s medical staff conducted all of the tests necessary on the sidelines to ensure that Woods didn’t have a concussion. By their account, he didn’t.

After the game, Kiffin offered these thoughts on his wide receiver’s performance (via Yahoo! Sports).

"For him to go back into the game, a lot of guys would have stayed out awhile. That shows what kind of tough kid he is."

Or the ineptness of USC’s medical staff.

Woods not showing any immediate concussion symptoms does not mean that he didn’t have a concussion. Neither is him being able to play the rest of the game, for that matter.
Can anyone know for sure that he did have a concussion and that USC let him play anyway? No, of course not. But the examination should probably have taken more than the time it takes to play a single down – especially after the whole world saw him collapse face first onto the field.

(Kudos The Big Lead, Yahoo! Sports)

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