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Video: Robert Griffin III Pulls Off an Incredible 76-Yard Run During Redskins vs. Vikings

Coming into this Sunday’s showdown versus the Minnesota Vikings, there was a very serious debate regarding whether or not Robert Griffin III should even be permitted to play. You will recall, last week he took a hard hit from the Atlanta Falcons that ultimately resulted in ‘mild’ concussion.

Given what we know about concussions, and taking into account the manner in which RGIII tends to play football – an extra week off seemed liked the safest (read: smartest) course of action.

Yeah, it didn’t happen. Griffin opted to play anyway. And while we don’t (and may never) know the ramifications of that decision on his health, we do know the impact it had on the Washington Redskins. In the fourth quarter, with Minnesota down by just one possession and a full four minutes remaining on the clock, the inevitable offensive Rookie of the Year did this:

Yup, 76 yards to make 38-26 with less than three minutes to go in the game.

For those keep tracking at home, the Redskins are now 3-3 on the year with a relatively manageable schedule from here on out. The New York Giants tend to play down to the level of their opposition; the Dallas Cowboys are a mess; the Philadelphia Eagles are impossible to peg. Besides those teams, Washington has to face an overrated Pittsburgh Steelers unit, a lost Carolina Panthers group, an injury-riddled Baltimore Ravens squad and the Cleveland Browns.

A postseason appearance is out of the question just because of the division that they play in but, if all goes according to plan, the Redskins could definitely finish above .500. 

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