Video: Replacement Refs Hand Russell Wilson, Seahawks Undeserved Victory over Packers

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The one and only defense that replacement referee apologists could use up to now is that the refs' incompetence hadn’t decided any games.

Everyone acknowledged that there were a lot of botched calls, however, because none of those botched calls came in the final seconds and none of them appeared to directly cost any one team a shot at victory, they were basically dismissed as inconsequential.

That all changed yesterday when a Monday night showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks ended in what can only be described as cartoonish fashion.

Check it out:

Seattle wins – 14 to 12. Just like that.

The question now becomes: does the embarrassment that owners should feel when they see that clip end the referee lockout?

Probably not.

Photo Credit: Daily Republic

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