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Video: Replacement Ref Wayne Elliott Admits that Packers-Seahawks Ruling was Wrong

The NFL referee lockout effectively ended in Week 3 when the in-over-their-heads replacements botched a pretty obvious game-deciding call. That particular outing, besides potentially costing the Green Bay Packers a playoff berth and causing anywhere from $100 million to $1 billion in bets to shift, put the ineptness of the replacements under such a magnifying glass that the league had no choice but to go back and bring in the real officials.

Nearly everyone agreed that the guys working that Week 3 Packers-Seattle Seahawks game botched the final call. Can you guess who the token few holdouts were? Yup, you guessed it – the refs who had worked the game.

Well, now that they are no longer in the limelight, even those guys are apparently coming to terms with reality. Wayne Elliott, one of the refs involved (not one of the ones in the end zone), appeared on Inside the NFL recently and acknowledged that after seeing the replay, his boys did mess up the call.

Check it out (start at the 7:30ish mark):

Of course, it’s sort of difficult to expect accountability from replacement officials when the NFL came out the day following that fiasco and rationalized the call themselves. 

Terrible idea.

The refs messed up. They know it. We know it. The NFL knows it.

Don’t worry, guys – it’s safe to admit it now.

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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