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Video: Reggie Bush Scores Ridiculous Touchdown During Raiders vs. Dolphins

Every team in the NFL has a role to play, and the Oakland Raiders’ role this year appears to be making players on opposing teams look really, really good. Last week, versus the San Diego Chargers, you could sort of understand why Oakland was overmatched. This week against the Miami Dolphins, though, there were no excuses.

Despite that, the Raiders somehow found a way to get absolutely torched from the start of the second half onward and ultimately wound up losing the game 35-13.

In the third quarter with his squad up by four and presumably knowing full well that the Raiders simply lacked the heart to catch up, Reggie Bush provided one and all with the highlight of the game when he made this ridiculous 21-yard run:

Bush finished with 172 yards and two touchdowns on the day.

(Kudos Cosby Sweaters)

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