Video: Real Sociedad’s Enaut Zubikarai Learns a Tough, Embarrassing Lesson

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Real Sociedad goalkeeper Enaut Zubikarai had a rough day on Tuesday.

Things started out more or less normally. After picking up the ball from the endline, Zubikarai decided to slow the proceedings down a bit and give his teammates a chance to position themselves for an offensive attack. He calmly and casually tossed the ball in front of him and made sure none of the opposition’s players were around to steal the ball away. Once he thought he was all clear, he dropped his guard.

Problem was, he wasn’t all clear. From seemingly out of nowhere, Mallorca's Gonzalo Castro quickly ran in and swiped the ball away from the unsuspecting goalkeeper. Needless to say, with the advantage of a surprise attack and an open net working his favor, Castro had no problem knocking the ball home.

Here is what the sequence looked like in full speed:

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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