Video: Rays’ Will Rhymes Faints After Being Hit by a Pitch

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A scary scene unfolded this past Wednesday, when Tampa Bay Rays second baseman Will Rhymes collapsed after being hit in the arm by a powerful pitch from Boston Red Sox reliever, Franklin Morales. The sound that came from the collision was sign enough that the damage done by the errant throw was serious, but anyone who had any doubts about how serious it was got their answer seconds later when Rhymes collapsed into the outstretched arms of first-base coach, George Hendrick.

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Amazingly enough, Rhymes was fine after the game. No broken bones, no long-term damage. Just a bit of bruising on his arm, and probably a minor hit to his ego. For now, the collapse is being written off as something was caused by an increased amount of adrenaline racing through Rhymes’ body in the seconds after he got hit.

All’s well that ends well.

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