Video: Ray Lewis Gives Touching Euology at Art Modell’s Funeral

Ray Lewis gave a very touching and moving speech on Tuesday at former Baltimore Ravens owner Art Modell’s funeral. Modell -- who died at the age of 87 a few days prior -- had racked up his fair share of enemies over the course of his career, but, as Lewis made abundantly clear, had also picked up some close friends along the way, too.

"The things that I shared with him in his ear I will always keep that between me and him, because it's like a son talking to a father," Lewis said (via USA Today). "Everything I said in his ear, he knew came from my heart, and I loved the man dearly.

"He grabbed me as a son from Day 1, and he never let me go. He would always tell me how much he loved me. For him to embrace me the way he did, only God creates moments like that."

When it was all said and done, Lewis pledged to do whatever he could to win another Super Bowl for his former owner.

"Hopefully we send him out the right way with a great celebration," Lewis said.

"Hopefully we can sit another Lombardi Trophy beside him."

(Kudos Larry Brown Sports, USA Today)

Photo Credit: SportsGrid

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