Video: Ravens Terrell Suggs Calls Skip Bayless a Douchebag, America Silently Nods

Human personification of the worst internet troll ever Skip Bayless ran into a Terrell Suggs-shaped wall on First Take today. Bayless, who has turned saying dumb things in smart ways into an art form over the last few years, tried to bait the Baltimore Ravens superstar into blaming the officials for his team’s unfortunate (and mildly controversial) defeat on Sunday. Not only did Suggs not bite, but he also went ahead and put Bayless in his place.

Check it out:

The clip ends right after Suggs calls Bayless a douchebag, but we assume what followed was a lengthy rant by the latter regarding how Tim Tebow would have never lost to the New England Patriots.

(Kudos to Larry Brown Sports for the find)

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