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Video: Raul Mondesi Forgets to Touch Home After Hitting HR, Ruled Out, Loses Game

There is never a good way to lose a baseball game, but what happened to Raul Mondesi Jr. this past Monday night is absolutely heart-wrenching.

In the bottom of the 10th inning of a Pioneer League showdown between the Missoula Osprey and Helena Brewers, Mondesi appeared to hit what looked to be a game-tying homerun. Had it counted, the score would have been 2-2 and the outing would have proceeded until a winner was decided.

Problem was, it didn’t count.

After Mondesi made his rounds and seemingly crossed home plate, he returned to the dugout, figuring that everything was okay. It wasn’t.

As it turns out, Mondesi had never actually crossed home.

Realizing this, Dexter Price threw the ball to his catcher, Michael Perez, who stepped on home for an appeal. The umpire, also apparently having seen that Mondesi didn’t cross home, ruled the hitter out.

Game over. Missoula wins.

Check this entire mess unfolding in the video below. 

(Kudos Deadspin, Independent Record)

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