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Video: Rangers’ John Tortorella Gives the World’s Worst Postgame Interview

Angry coaches and players giving awful postgame interviews is nothing new. Really, whenever it happens, it says just as much about the general uselessness of the postgame interview as it does about what a petulant, whiny baby the person giving the bad interview actually is. That said, New York Rangers head coach John Tortorella took bad interviews to a whole new level recently, after his team fell to the New Jersey Devils 3-2.

Check it out:

You certainly can’t fault coaches and athletes for being salty after big losses, but it would be nice if they realized that it’s the folks in that room are just trying to do their jobs as well. A job that’s becoming increasingly tougher to do with the 24/7 ESPN news cycle and the continued evolution of sports blogs.

But a bit of common decency from a guy with one of the best jobs on the planet is probably too much to ask for.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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