Video: Queen Latifah’s National Anthem Performance was Interesting

Queen Latifah could have done a remix of pretty much any song on the planet and gotten a positive reaction. Seriously, if she had taken basically any tune and decided to put her own particular brand of awesome on it, it would have probably been met with a warm reception.

During Wednesday night’s showdown between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants, Queen Latifah tinkered with the wrong song.

Check it out (via Twitter must-follow @cjzero)

Was Queen Latifah’s take on the National Anthem bad, per se? No, not really. She has a keen ear for music and it showed throughout the entire performance. But why can’t the National Anthem just stay the National Anthem? Is it the greatest song in the world? Of course not. Does it get tiring to hear it at every major event? Sure.

Still, it’s a tradition. And seeing as it doesn’t hurt anyone to just do the National Anthem the way it’s always been done, why can’t we just leave it intact?

Maybe this is the minority opinion, though.

What’d you think of Queen Latifah’s performance?

(Kudos SportsGrid, @cjzero)

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