Video: Protestor Handcuffs Himself to Goalpost During Everton vs. Manchester City

Today’s Premiere League showdown between Everton and Manchester City proved to be more entertaining than originally expected when a random guy handcuffed himself to one of the goalposts. Why did this man randomly handcuff himself a goalpost, you ask? Well, according to Daily Mail, he did what he did in protest of an Irish airline company.

Per the report:

The man emerged from the crowd with just under five minutes remaining until half-time and shackled himself to the frame of City keeper Joe Hart's goal.It is believed that the man was protesting against Ryanair's recruitment policy after his daughter was denied a job by the airline.

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Check out video of the madness unfolding below.

Needless to say, the man quickly got a boot from security and the game resumed with no major problems. Everton eventually won 1-0.

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