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Video: Pro Golfer Vaughn Taylor Caught a Record-Breaking 56-Pound Striped Bass

You don’t often associate golfers with fishing, but that may change after what Vaughn Taylor was able to accomplish recently. Last Monday, during an otherwise routine fishing trip, Taylor pulled in a record-setting haul at Savannah River. And when we say record-breaking, we mean it in the most actual, literal sense.

As noted by WJBF6:

Taylor's catch was a 56-pound, 2-ounce striped bass that broke a Savannah River record for that particular species.

"You know it's really special. Been fishing for a long time, and always dreamed of catching a really big fish," said Taylor. "You know never dreamt of this size of fish."

The fish was so big, it broke Taylor's net so he had to heave it into the boat with his bare hands.

"It was just the kind of thing, I just hung in there and tried to be patient and not rush anything, take my time with him," said Taylor. "I was very, very fortunate to get him in the boat."

Vaughn has won two PGA Tour titles over the course of his 12-year career. None of those came in record-breaking fashion. Time to change jobs, maybe?

Photo Credit: Augusta Chronicle

(Kudos to The Big Lead, WJBF6)

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