Video: President Barack Obama is a Terrible Basketball Player Now


World famous Chicago Bulls fan and part-time leader of the free world, President Barack Obama, has always been recognized as a fairly solid basketball player. How much of his on-the-court the success is attributable to people letting him win and how much of it is actually merit-based is debatable, but the notion of him being something of a baller has existed ever since he took the oath of office.

Well, during the White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, the mental picture we all had in our minds of President Obama crossing over Vladimir Putin in a one-on-one showdown -- for all the world’s nuclear weapons, of course -- took a serious hit.

Here is the POTUS looking all sorts of awful while putting up missed jumper after missed jumper:

We have ridiculous amounts of unemployment, crazy debt totals and a radically polarized political system, and yet I’ve never been more ashamed of being an American than I was after seeing the video above. How embarrassing.

(Just joking, President Obama. Please don’t raise my taxes.)

[Kudos to Deadspin for the find]

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