Video: Piermario Morosini Dies After Collapsing During Livorno Serie B Match


Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini suffered cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch during his team’s Serie B showdown at Pescara this past Saturday. Paramedics and medical personnel on scene immediately rushed in to help the talented 25-year-old, but ultimately there was nothing they could do. He was quickly dispatched to Pescara's Santo Spirito hospital, however, not even the doctors could revive him. He was eventually pronounced dead at the hospital.

Here is how the scary scene unfolded:

In honor of the fallen player, thousands of people came together outside Livorno's Armando Picchi stadium and left scarves, flowers and an assortment of other mementos. A banner reading, "You fought until the end, goodbye great Moro” was also put up in tribute.

Livorno issued the following statement on what happened:

"The family, the girlfriend of Piermario and AS Livorno Calcio wants to thank all of the people that in this time of pain have remembered a great athlete and a special person.''

According to the Boston Herald, the club is now considering retiring Morosini’s No. 25 jersey.

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