Video: Phil Jackson Destroys the Lakers, Says They Won’t Win a Championship


The Los Angeles Lakers are all sorts of terrible right now. They’re terrible offensively. They’re even worse defensively. Kobe Bryant doesn’t know what to do. Mike D’Antoni has no answers. This team, very legitimately, could end up missing the playoffs this year.

How did we get to this point?

After starting the year 1-4, Lakers brass decided that Mike Brown wasn’t a suitable coach and sent him packing. The move was met with a resounding cheer from fans who, while appreciating how nice Brown was, never really respected him.

In their hunt for a replacement, the Lakers found themselves with two options: Mike D’Antoni and The Greatest Basketball Coach of All Time. They opted for what was behind door number one.

Obviously that was a big mistake.

Recently, TMZ caught up with The Greatest Coach of All Time as he was heading to dinner. In his own subtle little way, he absolutely obliterated the Lakers.

Phil Jackson -- No, I Would NOT Go Back to the Lakers - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe


(Kudos TMZ)

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