Video: Peyton Manning Impresses in 1st Full Practice as a Denver Bronco

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Bountygate is interesting and Tim Tebow always makes for a nifty little distraction, but everyone knows what the biggest football storyline of the year is: how good will Peyton Manning be for the Denver Broncos? After multiple neck procedures, a somewhat awkward divorce from the team with which he had played his entire career and a lot of doubt about whether he could ever return to his previous four-time MVP form, Manning knew that he had a lot to prove in his first full practice in over 16 months on Monday.

How did he do? He killed it, of course.

By all accounts Manning had great velocity and accuracy throughout the entire day, and really showed no ill effects at all from any of his injuries. Obviously he wasn’t going up against any sort of actual defensive pressure when he was throwing his passes, but just the mere fact that he looked good moving around on the field should bring some peace of mind to all the Broncos fans who weren’t quite sure about what they were getting this season.

"It felt good to be out there. It's been a while for me," Manning said afterward (via ESPN). "It's been about a year and a half since I've been in uniform, been in an organized practice. So, it felt good to be out there. And it will be a good film to study."

It’s going to be an interesting year.

(Kudos Inquisitr, ESPN, Sports Grid)

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