Perfect NBA Video Shows Why Miami Heat is Struggling


We at The Daily Heat have been searching high and low for a video that epitomizes why the Miami Heat is struggling in this new NBA season. Something that identifies their lack of team chemistry, as well as their complete and utter inability to find semi-decent players who can complement LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

Enter: Joel Anthony. 

During Wednesday’s Heat-Phoenix Suns game, Anthony was left wide open underneath the basket. Wade spotted the big man and quickly passed him the ball. No defenders in sight. An easy deuce, right?

Nope. First, Anthony somehow traveled. But the violation wasn't called because (a) it's the NBA and (b) he was so open, nobody could blow this thing. Leaping up, the Miami center extended for the easy dunk and…came up laughably short. Who airballs a dunk? Joel Anthony, that's who. 

Fear not, though. Udonis Haslem, being the consummate role player, was positioned right there to catch the airball-dunk and put it back up get called for an offensive foul.

If this play isn’t a microcosm of the Heat’s year so far, we don’t know what is.

Check out the video of this mess in action HERE.

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