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Video: Pau Gasol Inappropriately Touched Serge Ibaka During Lakers vs. Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder have thoroughly and completely embarrassed the Los Angeles Lakers over the course of their four-game series thus far. At no point has L.A. actually looked like the better team, and that’s all the more befuddling when you remember that they have two of the best big men in the league, and one of the best players of all time playing sporting purple and gold.

One of the main reasons that the Lakers have been so awful up to this point is the disappearance of Pau Gasol. In a repeat of last year’s vanishing act, the big Spaniard is averaging a mere 12 points. That’s five off his regular season average, for those keeping track at home.

But it hasn’t been all bad for the artist formerly known as Pau Gasol. As he showed us during Lakers vs. Thunder Game 3 on Friday, he still leads the Lakers in inappropriate touching. (Yup, another category in which Kobe’s production has dipped.)

Check it out:

Wait, did he really just touch him there? Yes – yes he did.

(via Sports Grid)

Save it for when you’re begging Lakers management not to send you to Minnesota, Pau.

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