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Video: Pat Barry’s Emotional Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims from TUF 16 Finale

Pat Barry’s tremendous knockout victory over Shane Del Rosario at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale was special. It came in the second round of a match that he hadn’t looked particularly good in, and his emotional reaction after the fact spoke volumes about how vulnerable he felt throughout.

What was truly special about the whole experience, though, wasn’t the match itself. Nor was it the fashion in which Barry ultimately captured victory. Rather, it was what he said after the fact.

"If you've got kids, hug 'em like it's the last day," he said. "Go hug your parents. Go hug your best friends. And if you have any beef with anyone, even from 10 years ago, because you never know what's going to happen."

There were a lot of great tributes to the Sandy Hook tragedy this weekend from the sports community, and Barry’s was right up there. For a fighter to have the presence of mind to say what he said shows that it’s something he had put a lot of thought into. Good for him.  

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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