Video: Packers Score TD on Fake Field Goal vs. Bears

With less than two minutes remaining in the first half of Thursday night’s game, the Green Bay Packers knew they had to shake things up. The Chicago Bears hadn’t played particularly well in first couple of quarters and yet, for whatever reason, Aaron Rodgers and Co. couldn’t get any sort of separation. They displayed the same sort of lethargic attitude that ultimately cost them in Week 1, only the Bears weren’t quite good enough to capitalize.  

Presumably realizing that his team needed a jump start, Mike McCarthy decided to do something bold. On four-and-long from the Chicago 27-yard line, he sent out the field goal squad. Only when the ball was snapped, it didn’t go backwards towards Mason Crosby, rather, it was handed off to Tom Crabtree who took it in for a score.

It’s impossible to say whether the Packers would have won or lost that game if they had just gone for a field goal but, either way, you have to admire the gutsiness of the call. McCarthy realized that his team was in a funk and opted to do something about it.

Good for him.

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