Video: Pacers' Mascot Shattered a Backboard During High School Halftime Show


The good folks watching New Palestine and Triton Central square off on Friday night found out with their very own eyes something that scientists discovered long ago – Boomer, infamous mascot of the Indiana Pacers, is no joke.

During halftime of an otherwise very high school-ish high school basketball game, Boomer took it upon himself to thrill the crowd with a fairly standard flip-dunk. All went according to plan right up until the point where Boomer jammed the ball home and the backboard shattered – effectively ruining a game only one half of the way through. Fortunately, New Palestine had an auxiliary gym on the premises and they ended up moving the game down there.

Check out Boomer slamming it down with aggression below:

(Kudos to Indy Star for the find)

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