Video: Pacers’ David West Randomly Beats Up Cavs Mascot Moondog (Good Quality Footage)


One of the more strange things to occur in basketball last week was Indiana Pacers forward David West’s decision to knockout the Cleveland Cavaliers’ mascot.

Last Wednesday, before the Pacers and Cavs squared off, the latter team’s mascot participated in his usual routine of pretend fighting with opposing players. When Moondog approached West to perform his schtick, Chris Paul's old partner in crime seemed to be a really good sport about it and played along. Only he played along a little too well. The end result? Moondog had to be taken to the hospital with an eye injury.

Check it out:

Because Moondog’s absence doesn’t help Cleveland’s draft position, though, the team made sure that its mascot returned as soon as possible. By Saturday night’s game versus the Orlando Magic, the toughest guy on the Cavs’ roster was back in action and watching his boys get destroyed by 16 points. No crying. No newly-developed mood disorders. Moondog was all business. A pro's pro.

For what it’s worth, Moondog put up a better fight versus West than Kobe Bryant did against Chris Childs. Just saying.

(Kudos to The Daily Mail for the video)

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