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Video: Olympic Swimmer Matt Grevers Wins Race, Proposes to Girlfriend from Medal Stand

The worst part of elaborate proposals from successful athletes is that it raises the bar for regular guys. After all, if Olympic swimmers are willing to go through a whole bunch of trouble just to let that special someone in their lives know how special they are with an intricate, well thought-out popping of the question, there is no excuse for Average Joe not to do at least the same thing.

This past weekend, after winning the 100-meter backstroke at the Missouri Grand Prix, two-time gold medalist Matt Grevers asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him from atop the medal stand. Yes, he won the race and then, in what was probably the greatest few minutes of his life, also used his time in the limelight to pop the question in a really unique, cool way.

Worst. Guy. Ever.

Check it out:

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