Video: Olympiakos Beats Siena; Fans Celebrate by Setting Fires in Stadium


As it turns out, needless fire-setting and mild rioting isn’t just an American tradition.

After Olympiakos beat Siena this past Friday en route to a Final Four berth, fans celebrated the accomplishment by setting fires inside the stadium. There is no word on whether or not anyone was hurt as a result of this, mostly because outside of Deadspin and Sweaterpunch nobody has actually covered this incident. In fact, we're not sure if this is just some elaborate April Fools' Day prank or if people simply don't care about anything that happens in Greece anymore.

Either way, fires are cool (to look at, not set). Here are some videos of the “celebration” via the two sources above and literally no other news outlet.

(Kudos to Deadspin and Sweaterpunch for the find)

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