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Video: This Nun on a Cell Phone Was the Best Thing About Yankees vs. Royals

The baseball season is excruciatingly long. Even teams that are generally pretty interesting to watch like the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Dodgers, squads with legitimate mainstream name recognition, are sort of dull when everyone knows that they’re playing entirely meaningless early-year games. And so, because of how amazingly uninteresting baseball is right now, it stands to reason that sports fans would want to find their own little things to get excited about.

Case in point, this nun who was on her cell phone during a recent Yankees versus Kansas City Royals game:

Don’t think that the video is all that great? Well, obviously it was interesting enough for both the analysts to comment on it and for MLB to stream it on their site; so, if you don’t like cell phone talking nuns, maybe you’re the problem.

(Kudos Deadspin)

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