Video: North Carolina State’s Lorenzo Brown Hits Full-Court Buzzer-Beater

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Thursday night’s North Carolina versus North Carolina State showdown mostly ended up going the way you’d envision it would. Sure, there was some talk before the game started about this being the dawn of a new era and the Tar Heels finally having their 10-game winning streak over their ACC rivals snapped – but this one was never even close. Ultimately, North Carolina emerged with a 74-55 victory that felt like it should have come by an even wider margin.

The lone bright spot of the evening for North Carolina State came with essentially no time remaining in the first half. After a missed shot by North Carolina, Lorenzo Brown snatched down the rebound and -- with no hesitation -- launched a full-court prayer to the other end of the court. God must’ve been listening, because the ball swished through the net unlike pretty much every other shot the Wolfpack took Thursday night.

Check the nifty play out below:

Brown finished the game with nine points on three-of-eight shooting. Really, they should’ve given him four points for that highlight just to make things more exciting.

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