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Video: Nebraska High Schooler Hits Amazing Behind-the-Backboard Buzzer-Beater

Common wisdom says that when it comes to last-second shots, get the ball into a good player’s hands and watch him or her work their magic. That’s precisely what Pawnee City High did last Friday when they found themselves a basket away from beating Adams Freeman High. They went ahead and got a young baller named Hadley Sejkora the ball, theoretically freeing him up to work his magic.

Problem is, they got him the ball as he was falling out bounds. Game over, Pawnee loses – right? Wrong. In true Kobe Bryant-esque, no-shot-is-a-bad-shot fashion, Sejkora hit the game-winner from behind the backboard to lock the game up for his squad.

Check out Sejkora in all his glory in the video below.

(Kudos to Yahoo! Sports for the find)

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