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Video: Murray State’s Zay Jackson Hits a Guy with His Car

A violent confrontation between Zay Jackson and a married couple ultimately landed the Murray State guard in front of a judge last week.

Back on Sept. 9 of this year, Jackson got into an argument with a husband and wife in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart. Realizing that their disagreement would not get resolved at that particular point in time, Jackson did the right thing – he decided to remove himself from the situation.

Unfortunately, rather than just driving away (like he should have), Jackson did something else once he got in his car: he mowed down one of the people he had been going back and forth with.

This past Friday, Jackson appeared in court and pled guilty to the charges that had been filed against him.

"It's my understanding and I discussed this with Zay and going through his constitutional rights, he wishes to waive his constitutional rights and enter a plea of guilty persistent to the plea agreement imposed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky," said defense attorney Gary Haverstock (via WPSD Local 6).

And what did pleading guilty get him? Thirty days in jail. Plus, he has to pay restitution to the victim.

"The defendant shall commit no other offenses of the law, defendant shall enroll in and successfully complete anger management counseling," Judge Foust said.

Murray State athletic director Allie Ward released this statement late Friday (via Murray Ledger):

“I’ve been asked the question plenty of times what Zay’s status is with our program, and I just want to be very clear that Zay’s status hasn’t changed,” Ward said.

“He has been suspended and he continues to be suspended, but I want people to understand that Zay’s still a very big part of this program, that he made a mistake, he’s taken responsibility for that mistake, he’s been accountable for it, and we’re going to do everything we can to help him through this and let him know that he has the support of the Murray State program, the campus, the community, the students that have all shown him a lot of support. He’s got some tough days ahead of him.

“It hasn’t been easy on him, these last couple of months, not being a part of the team activities, but we will continue to work through those times and we’ll be there for Zay, and he’s going to be a very big part of this program, and he will be part of the team this year.”

Did you get that last part? He will be part of the team this year. Of course he will be. Because, why wouldn’t he be?

(Kudos WPSD Local 6, Murray Ledger, The Big Lead)

Photo Credit: thegnuru

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