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Video: The Most Impressive Rolling Head Kick Knockout You Will Ever See

In this day and age of MMA on your TV every other week, it’s difficult to find impressive highlights that nobody has seen before. Regardless of whether a particular brand has a huge audience (i.e. the UFC) or a small one (i.e. ONE FC), a good chunk of people will see a particularly cool happening no matter what.

It’s very rare to find an MMA clip that just sneaks up on you.   

The good folks over at The Big Lead have done just that, however. Check out this Russian MMA clip they uncovered today:

We’ve watched that video at least five times and it still looks like something out of a video game. Frankly, this might be the coolest kick we’ve seen since Anthony Pettis’ infamous shot:

Obviously Pettis’ is more impressive because of the level of competition it came against – but this newfound Russian one is really cool, too.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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