Video: Mom Breaks Up Hockey Fight, Ensures Her Kid Will be Mocked for Life

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Hockey fights are a natural and accepted part of the sport. Some might even argue that they and they alone are what keeps it relevant. And because hockey fights are such a frequent, normal occurrence, we’ve become pretty numb to what they actually are – guys beating the you-know-what out of one another.

Well, even though we’re numb to the violence that comes standard in every hockey game, the mothers of those participating aren’t. Case in point, the lady in the video below:

What’s better bout that video: the fact that a mother had to come in and do the referees’ job for them, or the fact that the referees actually stood by and casually watched as youngsters pummeled each other into the ice? Sure, the kid whose mom that was is going to get mocked endlessly for the rest of his life, but I’d also be lying if I pretended like my mom wouldn’t do the same exact thing in that situation.

It's what moms do.

(Kudos The Big Lead)

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