Video: Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet Allegedly Gets Ejected from Dodgers-Cardinals

After making their big $250 million acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez and a bunch of other overpriced pieces, the Los Angeles Dodgers were supposed to take control of baseball. They were supposed to morph into the New York Yankees of the West (when they’re good, not when they’re getting sonned by the Baltimore Orioles), and absolutely kill everyone in the NL en route to a World Series berth.

Yeah, it hasn’t worked out that way. Gonzalez has struggled. The Dodgers are playing with zero heart. And at this point, the squad’s best shot of securing a postseason spot (forget a World Series spot, just a postseason spot), is nabbing a Wild Card.

You would think that the way the past month has gone would serve as an enthusiasm killer for Dodgers faithful. Not so. Here is Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet looking as enthused as ever while getting into it with some St. Louis Cardinals fan:

Some early reports alleged that Stonestreet had gotten thrown out for his troubles. However, in a Twitter post, Stonestreet said this:

i did NOT get kicked out of the Dodgers game last night. did i get escorted to the top of the stairs by security? yes. yes i sure did.

— Eric Stonestreet (@ericstonestreet) September 16, 2012

Make of this situation what you will – if you care enough to analyze it, that is.  

(Kudos SportsGrid)

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