Video: Minnesota Twins Fan Makes a Ridiculous Foul Ball Catch While on Cell Phone


We’ve already seen a lot of pretty fantastic fan baseball catches so far this year, but what one Minnesota Twins fan managed to do this past Tuesday night was all sorts of ridiculous.

As the Twins and Philadelphia Phillies were doing their thing, the fan in question was busily talking into his cell phone because, presumably, live baseball just 60 games into the year is about as painfully dull as televised baseball just 60 games into the year. Anyway, as he was chatting away with whoever he was talking to, a foul ball was hit in his general proximity.

How did he react?

Check it out for yourselves:

Not only did he catch the ball – he caught it without breaking a sweat. And he gave it to his girl.


(Kudos Deadspin)

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