Video: Mike Tyson Talks Trash About Lakers Kobe, Mavs Stevenson


Mike Tyson has become something of a star (again) in recent years. He’s made a cameo appearance in an overrated box office hit, starred in an awful reality TV show and shown up on countless late-night talk programs.

Recently, the former ear-chomping champ appeared on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show. During his segment, Tyson weighed in on the type of tattoos that various NBA players have, including Kobe Bryant, Kenyon Martin and DeShawn Stevenson.

On Kobe, Tyson offered this wisdom: “He’s named after steak, but this tattoo is a mistake,” Tyson said. “There’s nothing more manly than a crown with butterflies. Especially if it’s the monarch with the flavor of beef.”

Regarding Kenyon Martin, he said, “He has lips on his neck. Oh street cred, he can kiss that goodbye.”

And finally, on Mavericks role player DeShawn Stevenson’s Abraham Lincoln tattoo. “Of course he has that because he freed the slaves,” Tyson said. “There’s no other reason. Thanks to Honest Abe, we’re free, with a Black president. And it’s easier than having the Emancipation Proclamation on your back.”

Check out the video below.


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