Video: Mike Batiste Intentionally Steps on Player’s Head

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Man, they really take second-rate basketball seriously overseas.

A fairly entertaining match-up between Union Olimpija and Panathinaikos was interrupted by a vicious boot to the head by former ASU Sun Devil Mike Batiste.

With things being tense on the court and the score stuck at 57-55 in the fourth quarter, Batiste tangled with Saso Ozbolt while trying to pull down a key rebound. As Ozbolt flopped to the ground, Batiste decided to give him a legitimate injury to worry about by stomping his foot on the back of the fallen player’s head.

Prior to this, Batiste’s biggest and most noteworthy accomplishment was leading the PAC-10 in blocked shots as a member of the Sun Devils during the 1997-98 season. 

Check out the video here.


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