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Video: Michigan State’s Jack Allen May Have Eye-Gouged an Ohio State Player

The fallout from Saturday’s Ohio State versus Michigan State showdown has proven to be more interesting and exciting than anything we actually saw happen during the game.

First, right after the outing wrapped, we received word of Michigan State being displeased with the game film that had been provided by Ohio State officials earlier in the week. (According to Big Ten rules, teams must provide one another with tapes from prior showdowns cut in a particular way.) That situation, after a bit of initial back-and-forth, apparently got resolved sans Big Ten intervention.

Later in the day, however, an interesting new video emerged of something that went unnoticed during the actual game. Here is what appears to be Michigan State offensive lineman, Jack Allen, purposely gouging the eyes of an Ohio State counterpart:

No bueno.

As of right now, none of the parties involved have commented on this matter.

(Kudos USA Today)

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