Video: Michelle Obama Scolds Gymnastics Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas for Eating McDonalds

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In case you haven’t noticed, First Lady Michelle Obama takes healthy eating and healthy living very, very, seriously.

She has guest-starred on numerous children’s programs to promote her cause.

She has publicly called on various institutions to switch up their dietary requirements, noting that the best way to get people to stop eating bad food is by not offering it in the first place.

She has tried to make healthy food more accessible for poor people, pointing out that poverty-stricken, low-wage households tend to be the ones most susceptible to eating poorly.

And, most importantly, she has tirelessly pleaded her case to the public any and every time she has gotten a chance to be on TV.

On Monday night, while taping an appearance for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the First Lady playfully took U.S. Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas to task for admitting that she likes McDonalds.

A week and a half ago, at the 2012 London Olympics, Douglas became the first African American to win the women’s gymnastics all-around final. And while that's a cool accomplishment and all, it's totally negated by the fact that she likes McDonalds.

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