Video: Michael Snaer’s Game-Winner Caps FSU’s Ridiculous Comeback vs. Virginia Tech

Michael Snaer playing the hero role for Florida State University in its eventual 48-47 victory over Virginia Tech was arguably the least impressive thing that happened in the last minute and change. While Snaer’s rclutch bucket obviously cemented the win, the fact that the team somehow found a way to claw back from a nine point hole with slightly more than a minute remaining is stunning.

Coming out of halftime, mind you, FSU couldn’t buy a shot. The team didn’t get its first basket of the half until the 13:59 mark and, even then, couldn’t really get any sort of legitimate roll going. It wasn’t until there were about six minutes left in the outing when things really started going FSU’s way. Beginning with an emphatic Xavier Gibson dunk at that six minute mark, you began to feel the momentum sort of swaying over in the other direction. Eventually, FSU’s slowly and steady rise and Virginia Tech’s inexplicable cold streak all culminated in Snaer’s memorable jumper to give his team the win.

With the victory, FSU lives to fight another day in the ridiculously competitive ACC.

Check out Snaer’s game-winning bucket in the video below.  

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